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Your Connection Is Not Private Chrome Browser Problem solved

How To Fix Google Chrome Problem Your Connection Is Not Private

Hello visitor/viewers welcome to my blog site. This article is about to solve google chrome browser error that is your connection is not private. Your connection is not private chrome is usual problem is chrome browser users.  If you are opening any website or any app link or any link in your browser and you are facing this problem in your chrome browser then here is its 100% sure solution.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Why To Face This Problem?

Actually chrome browser is a safe browser. Chrome protect our privacy. Chrome is one of the safest browser that is used too much. The website or link that you are trying to open may not be secured. If you open such website your data will be leaked. Your connection is not private chrome bypass is possible but Your device will be hacked. And you may face lot of difficulties that’s why google chrome don’t allow you to open such sites.

As mentioned above

Is opening such sites is secure?

If you ask about opening such sites is secure or not in short the answer is not. Opening such sites is not secure. But if you know the site owner and he is trusted to you then it’s may be secure to you. Opening such sites is dangerous for your privacy. Because the site owner is not trusted in browser eye.

As shown in the image security certificate is not trusted

How To Solve

Let’s see with the help of the images how to solve this error.

1st of all tap on these three dots

Select Settings

Then select privacy and security

Select Safe Browsing

Turn off enhanced protection and select No protection

Now Go to main page and select Advanced

Tap on boxed text

Your website will be opened now but keep in mind that is not safe.  I will recommend you not to open and use such sites.

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