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How to fix setting restricted by tiktok to protect your privacy 2022

Setting restricted by tiktok to protect your privacy is one of the most frequent problems faced by tiktok users. An annoying problem that isn’t easy to resolve. If I have this issue on my TikTok account. Then I will have lot of restrictions on my account. It isn’t easy to solve. There isn’t an exact solution yet. However, here is its 100% effective solution. Read this article carefully.

What is setting restricted by tiktok to protect your privacy?

It’s important to know about the issue. Find out what the problem is first, and then you can find an easy solution if you know the cause.

If I explain what this error means, what this problem is. Therefore, the answer is it is TikTok’s restrictions on TikTok features. If I have this restriction on the account. Then it will restrict other users from download my videos. TikTok users cannot download my videos. Restrictions on comments. I can’t enable comments for everyone from my account privacy. Restriction on duet. Other TikTok users cannot do duets with my videos. Stitch restrictions. There isn’t anyone else who can stitch my videos. Here’s more explanation and best detail.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Watch this video to learn more about it.

Login to your tiktok account. Click on the “Profile” option in the bottom right corner. Select the three lines menu item. Choose settings and privacy. Next, choose privacy. Here are given options download, duet, stich, comments. If I try to change the privacy from only me to everyone then here is error message setting restricted by tiktok to protect your privacy.


Now when I have a complete information about setting restricted by tiktok to protect your privacy. It would be good if I investigated the reason for this error. If I understand why something happens, then I know how to fix it. Many people (such as myself) have tried watching YouTube videos about this error fix. And I’ve seen lots of videos about their solution. But I don’t succeed.

All the people who say to turn on the personalization options for ads. Ads option. Your problem will solve but this not happen. I have lot of search about it. After that, I find its cause and remedy.

The exact and 100 percent cause of this problem is that your age is less than 18 years old. Which you select at the time of sign up. Your age on tiktok is under 18 then you will face this problem. If I choose “private” for my account settings, I will get an error message.

You may be older than 18 years old or even older than 21 years old. But when you created your account at the time you signed up for it, you chose an incorrect date of birth. Which is quite different from your original date of birth. On the other hand, your original age will also be less than 18. That’s why you’re having this problem.

My Example

In mine case I talk to tiktok team by reporting a problem as mentioned in the above YouTube video. They answered me that my selected age is under 18 and tiktok have restrictions on under 18 users due to some community guidelines and policies. For their privacy tiktok have this restriction. If you think your selected age is above 18 then go to tiktok and report your problem. Say that my account privacy is public but my options are restricted. Please explain the reason and solve this problem.

How to fix setting restricted by tiktok to protect your privacy

Thus now when I know the problem and reason. At the end it’s time to solve this problem. If in your case the answer is same like me. Then you too need to change your age or date of birth on tiktok. Here is explained in complete detail how to change our age on tiktok.

If your original age is above 18 then it is quite easy for you to solve this problem. I just need my original id card picture. And I should make sure that uploaded videos face on my account is matched with my face of id card.

Let me explain you more. Suppose I have account with restriction. I have uploaded others videos to my account. Then first I need to remove that videos or make them private. Because when I will request for the change of age then tiktok team will take a review of my tiktok id. They will try to match id card pictures face with videos face if its match they will change your age and your problem will be solved.

So first you need to take a review of your videos. Make private other videos. If you don’t have any video by your original face. Upload 2 to 3 videos by face or picture into videos on your id.

Therefore now go to tiktok report a problem option. Select profile and then editing profile. Chose other and tap still have problem. It will ask Is your problem solved Tap on No.

Type this in feedback option

My account username is……… At the time of sign up by mistake I have selected wrong date of birth. The selected date of birth is different my original date of birth as a proof my original national identity card picture is attached. So kingly change my age as soon as possible. Waiting for your response. Thank you. Then attach your original national identity card picture. Tap on report.

Within few time you will receive a reply from tiktok team and hopefully your age will be changed.


This is the 💯% working way. as a proof you can visit my YouTube  channel where I have uploaded its complete details and proof . Must visit this Playlist. For any information and details please comment.


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