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How to set full screen contact photo on incoming call

As all we know, When we receive the calls there appear a simple screen with two buttons. One is green colors button to receive the call and the other is red to end up the calls. But if we will use any picture for contact picture for a contact. Then that picture will appear also with two buttons. That’s look very sexy and great. So let’s learn how to set full screen contact photo.

One way to make incoming calls more enjoyable is to set your contact’s photo as the full screen image for the call. This will give you a little bit of breathing room when you’re getting contacted and will make conversation a little more personal.

How to set full screen contact photo

Watch this video on YouTube.

To set this up, follow these steps:

1. From your home screen, tap the Calls icon.

2. Tap the contacts icon.

3. Select your desired contact from the list.

4. Choose edit contact option.

5. Tap on photo icon.

6. Select desired photo from gallery in 16*9 resolution.

7. And tap on save option. All done.

Full screen photo app

This app is designed for android phones. It’s an other dialer in phone that have more controls. Such as green button red button customize button or message button.

Full screen caller id app allows you to add full screen contact photo for incoming call and sending call. It’s also inform in full screen contact photo on missed call.


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This is a best app over 10 million download and million of paid users. That’s all due to his great interface and easy use for the users. And best user experience.

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