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How to see your birthday on tiktok 2022

In this article I will explain how to see your birthday/ birthdate or age on tiktok. If I want to know and wonder about to find my age on tiktok. In that case don’t be worried more. However, read out this blog with full attention and in detail read out each and every single line.

In this blog I will specifically discuss about to find exact and accurate birthdate on tiktok. In general it is not easy and short process. Particularly to find out your exact birthdate you need to wait to at least for 2 days.

Although here is only one way to find out or see your age on tiktok. There is no any option in tiktok app to check your age. It’s not any difficult process but it is long term such as 2 days to wait.

See your birthday on tiktok

Why there is need to find birthday

The truly reason to find out or see your age on tiktok you know well. But some specific reasons are

  • Having restriction on tiktok privacy
  • No direct message option available
  • changing old phone number or email without OTP
  • No live option
  • No Download option etc.
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If someone have these errors on his account. Everyone will recommend him to change his age. But if he doesn’t know the exact age which he selected at the time of sign up then how he can find his age?

Exact way to see your birthday on tiktok

The one and only specifically way to see your birthday on tiktok is to request download your data on tiktok. I need to request download my data file. In general data file contains the profile information. Which includes the date of birth.

  • Open tiktok app. And login your account.
  • Tap on Three lines menu option. Select settings and privacy.
  • Open privacy tab
  • Select request download data in personalization tab
  • Choose TXT file
  • Your data request is pending now with 2 days your data file will be ready to download.
  • Data file will be expired after 4 days till requesting.
  • Download your data file
  • It will redirect you to browser for confirmation you need to enter account password
  • After that your file will be downloaded, Step by step shown in images
see your birthday on tiktok
Request download data
see your birthday
after requesting notification
Request download data
After requesting
How to find watched videos on tiktok
Notification for your file is ready
See watched videos on tiktok
When download file ready

It is the step by step guide with images to download your data file on tiktok. In fact you need to follow all points.

After download your file

  • Open file manager
  • Go to downloads folder
  • unzip the downloaded data file
  • Open the data folder now in download folder
  • Select sixth folder Profile
  • Tap on first file profile info.txt
  • That is your complete profile information file which includes your date of birth

For any question please comment and share this blog if its helpful to you.

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