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How to see watched videos on tiktok – 3 easy ways

In this article I will briefly explain 3 ways to see watched videos on tiktok. When I am watching/enjoying videos on tiktok. And I want to see tiktok watched videos history. Or I want to play any video once again. I have control to see only liked videos. Unlike other social media apps it is very difficult to find out my recently watched videos.

Therefore, Indeed If I have liked any video. I can play it again. But on the other hand, if I didn’t do so then I need to see watched videos on tiktok. Thus, in this blog i will discuss three possible ways to find recently watched videos.

How to see watched videos on tiktok

Why there is need to see watched videos history?

Tiktok app got a boom of popularity in 2020 to 2021 and so on. As a result after getting high rate of fame it never looks back. In fact it has lot of features. Specifically each and every single one is working very good.

Despite of all the good features and things. In fact there are some bad features also. And tiktok is overcoming all the bugs, errors and bad features very well. But there is still a problem, that when you are watching videos on for you or any other page and by mistake you refresh the page your all videos disappear. Surely that is not a good sign. If you want to know more about tiktok go Here.

There upon truly you have missed some videos that you like to watch. Such as mems,poetry or funny video. Or you were watching a video but now he is disappear. In that case, you need to see watched videos history on tiktok. So you can enjoy that video which was missed by mistake.

3 Ways to see watched videos on tiktok

Here are (3) three ways to see recently and all watched videos and their history. 2 ways may not work for each and every single one of you. But there is one way, that will surely work for anyone in any device.Therefore, here are the ways

1:- Applying search filter

2:- Request download data

3:- Watched Video option

Applying Search filter

First of all open tiktok app. Tap on discover/search option. It may be in bottom on left of home button. Or may be on top on the right side.

Type in search box and click on filter option.

Select watched videos. And there may appear all of your recently watched videos.

See watched videos on tiktok
Tap on search icon
See watched videos on tiktok
Tap on filter option
See watched videos on tiktok
Select watched videos

Requesting Download data

Open tiktok app. Login your account. Tap on three lines menu option. Select settings and privacy. Tap on privacy.

Click request download data in personalization box. Request data and it should be in TXT format. When you will send requyourest it may appear pending. After 1 to 2 days you can download your data. Keep in mind after 4 days your data file will expire.

See watched videos on tiktok
Request download data
Request download data
After requesting
See watched videos on tiktok
When download file ready

When your data file will be ready to download you also recieve notification.

How to find watched videos on tiktok

Now download your data file from privacy. When I click on download it will redirect to browser. Here I need to enter password. After that file will be start downloading..

When downloading complete. Go to file manager. Open download folder and unzip the downloaded data file. Now open the unzipped folder. Select first folder 📁 Activity. Scroll down and choose last file video browsing.txt. This is your watched videos forever.

Watched Videos option

Tiktok is testing a new feature watched videos. According to Hammad oh social media researcher and activist tweeted on Twitter with images. According to his tweet we can watch and delete tiktok watched videos history for past 7 days. Images and complete details are here.

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