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How To Fix This Account Is Not Allowed To Use Whatsapp

Are you worried about the problem “this account is not allowed to use whatsapp” chats are still on this device. Once I opened my whatsapp application and suddenly I got this problem. At that time, am was so worried. Then, you know I got the best solution of this error.

this account is not allowed to use whatsapp

In this article, I will explain the reasons of this error. And easy and fast solution to Fix the problem this account is not allowed to use whatsapp. I have fixed this problem within few hours. I will share my real experience that will help you to recover your account too.

This account is not allowed to use whatsapp is very common error nowadays in 2024. Almost, 60% people are facing this problem.

This account is not allowed to use whatsapp meaning in Urdu/Hindi

اس جملے کا اردو میں مطلب ہے۔

ہندی میں مطلب ہے۔

Reason of error

Truly this error occurred due to violation of whatsapp terms and conditions. In fact, as other social media app whatsapp too have its own terms and policies. However most of the users doesn’t know them. As a result that don’t follow those policies.

In that case whatsapp banned that account from using their services. And we face that error in our account.

In mine case, my whatsapp number was showed in the youtube video. Thus people started to signing in with my that number. Consequently whatsapp banned my number.

How to fix this error

It’s easy to solve this problem. Whereas now we were not beware of these policies. Now we have to request WhatsApp team that unfortunately by mistake we have broken their policies. Now give us one chance to use back our account. Complete solution mentioned here.

In the bottom side we got the option “request a review“. Just simply click on it. And type this in the feedback box.

To repeat type this text in the box and click on submit button in down.

After few hours, when you check back indeed your whatsapp account will be restored.

this account is not allowed to use WhatsApp

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At the end it is requested please follow this step and share your experience in comments.

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