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How To Clear Cache In Chrome In Mobile

This article is about to clear cache images and cookies on your phone browser. When android mobile phone use web browser always save some cache and cookies that use your mobile storage and slow down your android mobile. Your phone’s web browser needs occasional cleanup to work fast and smooth no matter you use chrome, Firefox or your mobile default browser.

clear cache chrome mobile

how to clear cache on chrome mobile
So it’s a very good pratice to clear cache and cookies of your phone’s web browser

Whenever you use oppo, samsung, tecno, redmi, realme or another mobile your mobile all time collets and save data and sites data you search or visit. This stored data makes cache and cookies and it is useful for some reason to have cache and cookies. It keeps you logged in to your different social media or any other accounts that’s  you used and logged in and loads faster recently visited sites.

But this data eventually builds up, taking up space on your phone while also  including cookies that are tracking your browser history with the intention of serving personalized advertising. (I’ve been seeing ads for eyeglasses after visiting few online stores to compare prices and styles, as well as for WWE episode’s related to my YouTube searches.)

If you clear your cache and cookies data it doesn’t hurt your mobile browser from working properly and running efficiently .

So here are different ways to clear data in chrome and in Firefox and mobile default browser. So below I will go over how to clear data on chrome Firefox and Mobile internet.

How To Clear Data On Google Chrome

To clear your cache and cookies data from your android google chrome version first of all open a new tab of your chrome browser and then Tap on three dots menu button on top right corner as shown in the picture in front of this paragraph.

  1. Tap on menu button three dots on top right corner
  2. Select History
  3. Select Clear data
  4. Select Advanced option and check your desired boxes that you want to clear
  5. Tap on arrow option and select your time range from where to where you want to clear data
  6. Tap on Clear data option

Then Select this history option

Then Select this clear data option

Here select advanced option and check these three boxes as highlighted in image

At the end tap on clear data

You can change your time range from this arrow option

How to clear data on Mozilla Firefox

Such as with google chrome you can also clear cookies and cache data in Mozilla Firefox android app. To clear data the process is following

  1. Tap on three dots menu option in right
  2. Select settings
  3. Scroll down and select clear browsing data
  4. Firefox offer more options to clear then chrome select your desired options
  5.  Here is no time range as in Chrome
  6. Tap on clear browsing data

How to clear data in Samsung browser

  1. Tap on options button represent by three horizontal lines in the bottom
  2. Then select settings
  3. Select personal data
  4. Select delete browsing data
  5. Tick mark first three options
  6. Tap on delete data option

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