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How to change phone number on tiktok without verification

Do you not have access to your old phone number? Do you want how to change phone number on tiktok without verification code? Then you are at right place. Here in this article I will explain a complete and official way to change your phone number on tiktok without otp.

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Proof of the method

Few days ago, I have lost access to my phone number because that was not registered on my name. Hence, my tiktok account was created on that phone number. So as a result I lost access to my account. I was not able to receive verification code.

Although, I was not able to login and change password. Am was so worried about my account. Then, I decided to contact tiktok team. They have some requirements to change my phone number without verification code. To make sure, That I am the real owner of the account.

That verification is not very difficult and complex. That is very easy if you are the real owner of the account. That have some requirements. Described below. So, this is not mine method that is a method provided by tiktok to ease you. And that is professional way.

Requirements to change phone number without otp

Here are the five (5) main requirements to change phone number on tiktok without verification code.

  • Username
  • Recent login device
  • Recent login location
  • Signup date
  • Old phone number

You should have the answer of these five questions to change your phone number without otp.

Therefore, every body knows the username of his account. You can provide that information easily. On the other hand, that is also I think easy to find out recent login device and location. Because you know about your device model and number. Hence, you also know your location where you live.

There will be some difficulty to find out the signup date. You can find the signup date if you have the verification code message in your mobile messages. Although, you can provide any date as you remember as closet. And hopefully you know the old phone number. If you don’t know the old phone number and signup date. You can find it by downloading your data from tiktok. But to do so your account should be login.

How to change?

As, I have described earlier that to change phone on tiktok without verification code. You need to have answers of five different questions. So, First find that answers. And follow next process now.

Open tiktok app and login any other account. If don’t have any other account then create a new account. Then tap on profile option. Click on three lines menu option. Select settings and privacy. Here, Scroll down and find report a problem option. Then now, click on account and profile>editing profile> other> need more help. A feedback box will be opened.

Here, you have to type,

Dear TikTok team, I have loss access to my account and phone number. My phone added to my account is blocked now. So, now I can’t receive my verification code. So kindly allow me to change my phone number. Account details are following

  1. Username ( )
  2. Recent login device ( )
  3. Recent login location ( )
  4. Signup date ( )
  5. Old phone number ( )

You will receive a response with in 2 to 4 working days. And they will allow you to add new phone number if your answers meet the right option.

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