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About Us


My name is Nadeem. And I am social media specialist. I can solve all of your social media related problems. Such as Facebook related problems and errors. Facebook password forgot, TikTok password forgot, TikTok settings, TikTok settings restricted by tiktok, See Instagram story without seen,Whatsapp  etc. In this blog i will share solutions of your problems in simple language and explained way. You will got all new updates about social media and internet.

In this blog you will got Technology related articles that will help you to use your mobile with ease and have speed. And Know all the problems of mobile and their soultion.

What is Ustad Techno?

Lot of people ask me what is meant by ustad techno? Why i selected this name? Lot of such questions am facing , So I will like to tell you there is some special thing about Ustad is that in my regular social life lot of people include my friends always called me as Ustad. So now Ustad is my nick name and i actually now love this name. That’s why I have my YouTube channel with this name Ustad Techno. And website also include the same name Ustad Techno.

 My Aim Behind Ustad Techno

In daily life we have seen lot of people have desire to use social media but they don’t  know how to create their accounts. And they are asking people to create their accounts. My aim is to educate such people and make them able to do their by own.

You have noticed that almost above 70% people in the world are using social media. During using social media we have to face lot of problems. And we run here and their to solve that problem. My YouTube channel and this blog will help you to find the solutions of yours problems.

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